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Takeaways from #BlackLivesMatter: A Time to Reflect

In the last few weeks, anger has mounted worldwide over what could be charitably described as eight minutes and forty-six seconds of pure agony aired live right on our screens – eight minutes and forty-six seconds’ worth of footage of Minneapolis police’s use of excessive force that led to the death of George Floyd.


Anti-Terror Bill or: the Reichstag Fire Decree

February 28, 1933 – Tensions between the social democratic, communist, and Nazi factions were at an all-time high. Adolf Hitler was on his 28th day as Chancellor of the Weimar Republic, and the Reichstag building just fell victim to arson the previous evening. Regardless of whoever started the fire, Hitler and the Nazis saw it as an opportunity to further consolidate their power by passing the Reichstag Fire Decree, which curtailed most of the rights (particularly to free expression, the press, assembly, and association) under the pretext of “communist aggression.”


V for Vaccination

V for Vendetta’s vigilante named V is an idea himself; and according to him “ideas are bulletproof.” However, ideas can either create or destroy.

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