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Merriment in Metro Manila

Being able to wander in the sparkle of Christmas under the new normal does not mean an empty wallet. There are destinations that provide experiences that are just as magical without the costly travel expenses. For those who yearn to connect and embrace the essence of the Filipino holidays, here are some of the many locations that can satisfy the joys of the season without straying so far from the country’s capital.


Classic Noche Buena Dishes

In the Philippines, Christmas is traditionally welcomed with a variety of dishes gracing the dinner table. From a wide range of meats, vegetables, fruits, and sweets to complete the typical Noche Buena feast, these surely put a smile on one’s face the night before the much-awaited holiday. In celebration of the upcoming festivities, The New Builder compiled some of the classics seen on the dining table during Noche Buena or Christmas Eve.


Remembering Martial Law

50 years ago, the late former President and dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. signed Proclamation No. 1081, marking the beginning of martial law and the prolonging of what would become more than two decades of regime.

Amidst widespread disinformation and blatant historical distortion, it is imperative that the truth be aggressively upheld to preserve the nation’s democracy and ensure that the atrocities of the era would never be forgotten. In commemoration of the declaration of martial law 50 years ago, The New Builder narrates the events that transpired in one of the darkest chapters of Philippine history.


Bekimon: Language of the Gays

As society becomes more open towards the LGBTQ+ community, Filipinos have slowly adapted themselves to pieces of their unique culture, particularly with their quirky means of communication. While it started out as a safe space for gays to talk using their own code, Bekimon’s rising popularity has caused it to grow out of its shell and become a mainstream language in the country.


The Beauty of Pinoy Drag

For many years, the portrayal of queer folk in media has widely been reserved for mere entertainment. In celebration of Pride Month, The New Builder showcases why the Philippine drag scene goes beyond the comedic trope.


Behind the Curtain: Mapúa Tekno Teatro

In celebration of this year’s United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization – International Theatre Institute (UNESCO – ITI) World Theatre Day, The New Builder features a haven of Cardinals with an inclination towards the performing arts – the Mapúa Tekno Teatro, or MT2, the University’s official theatre group.


By Mapúans, For Mapúans: Shaping leaders through AYSLS

Leaders create more leaders. Through the first-ever Alfonso Yuchengco Student Leaders’ Summit (AYSLS) that will be held on February 21 and 26, 2022, the Mapúa University Student Government (USG) takes its time to shape Mapúans to become catalysts for change and promote student empowerment.


Searching for Love Online: Five Types of People on Dating Apps

February — the month that all lovers await. With the constraints brought by the pandemic, online dating has become more popular than ever. Theoretically, love can now be found through mobile apps while people comfortably cuddle their pillows at home.

Not knowing the kind of people one could meet online can be quite scary and traumatizing. Hence, it would be best to armor one’s self in advance by knowing the five popular types of people on these online dating apps to not fall for cons.


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