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Dr. Rhoda B. Leron: Blooming Beyond Barriers

Breaking the barriers, The New Builder concludes this year’s celebration of International Women’s Month by featuring an extraordinary woman who inspires many individuals to bloom in their chosen field of expertise — Dr. Rhoda B. Leron.


Adam Dumaguin: A Filmmaker’s Process

After grabbing the third place in AGBO’s No Sleep ‘til Film Fest 2021 with his film My House last April, it cannot be helped to highlight his production–his life–from an angle that most people do not always see.


Alec Cuenca: Walking the Small Talk

In this COED issue, The New Builder features MfgE vlogger and podcaster Alec Cuenca – who has been inspiring a cumulative audience of more than 440,000 with his self-help content through his YouTube and TikTok accounts as well as his podcast called Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca.


A hero, a fighter in the game of life

Being a woman means being a fighter, as a way of celebrating International Women’s day, The New Builder highlights one of the many women who inspires and reminds us to aim for legendary no matter what life throws our way. Just like her favorite hero in Mobile Legends, Freya, Kriszel “KZ” C. Laranang is a determined warrior and will never back out from fighting anything that blocks her way to victory. This time, it is KZ’s turn to attack one of the most terrifying monsters in the game of life - cancer.


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