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Monsters University: Mapúans under the Halloween shadow

Known for their brightness and brilliance, Mapúans are no stranger to bathing in the spotlight. Come the Halloween season, all-around content, be it on television, social media posts, or print, would typically feature sightings of the supernatural. Of course, Mapúa University (MU) will not be left in the shadows.

As the cold chill of Halloween night meets the hot close of the 11th week, The New Builder unveils the alter-egos that Mapúans transform into throughout the term. On a whimsical journey through the zombie-fueled halls of MU, the normal turns into nightmares and you might just find some students are more than meets the eye.


Monsters University: Mapúans under the Halloween shadow
Dr. Rhoda B. Leron: Blooming Beyond Barriers

Breaking the barriers, The New Builder concludes this year’s celebration of International Women’s Month by featuring an extraordinary woman who inspires many individuals to bloom in their chosen field of expertise — Dr. Rhoda B. Leron.


Engr. Marloun P. Sejera: Reaching for Outer Space

Engr. Sejera’s work is not rocket science, but his passion for engineering propels him higher.

In this Alumni Corner article, The New Builder highlights the tenured MU professor who worked on the recently launched Maya-2 nanosatellite.


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